The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero
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The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero

La Riviera del Conero The monte Conero

Il Monte ConeroThe monte Conero, interrupt the sandy area of the Adriatic at the half part, from Trieste to Gargano. For the most part of his surface (5800 for the natural park) is covered with a botanic surface that is one of the most fascinating and it represents 1/3 of the entire heritage of the Marche’s region. His landscape, in particular his vegetation is typical with his trees and original flowers such as orchidee and elicrisi italics. The beaches are suggested by the typical character of the Conero. Inside of the Park of the Conero is really easy to observe the animal life; from the common fishes to the big seagulls or to the multicolour Martin Pescatore. There are also lots of seascape such as shellfish, molluscs and invertebrates. Between the cliffs, you can see other beautiful animals. Inside this beautiful scenery, the real bosses are the birds; there are lots of seagulls, hawks, battlements… For people that like birds, it will be a unique experience of the bird watching in a natural spectacular. The Monte Conero, represent also a fantastic point of culture, because of lots of people have lived in this beautiful park. The San Pietro abbey is an example of this culture and it is located over the Conero and if you walk through his paths you will feel as if you are in the past with his suggestive landscape.
During the sunny season, the Conero is populated of excursionists; there are 18 several ways that you can walk through on foot, by mountain-bike or by horse. The Conero is a safeguards place to keep the nature safe and beautiful for tourists and people who live here.

La Riviera del Conero The wolf’s step and the San Michele’s beach

Le due SorelleThe path start from the cemetery of Sirolo: you have to go up through a street that arrives until a fork; then you have to go through the way indicated as wolf’s step, located on the right and that go down. Straight on until you will find a new indication concerning your destination (wolf’s step) and keep going for the plain. When you are at half of your way, you can admire the coast, the city of Sirolo, Numana and several beaches.
If you keep going, you will arrive at the Wolf’s Step. If it is a good and sunny day, you can see a magical panorama from this place: on the South, you can see the coast until Porto Recanati, on the North you can admire the Due Sorelle beach and the Conero.
The path goes down until the Valle delle Velare; you can go down very quickly, then you keep going on the left and you will arrive at the end and you will arrive at the beaches of Due Sorelle. In the summer, during the tourist period, you can reach this beach by boat crossing the sea that lives the port of Numana.
An other beautiful and singular beach is San Michele. You can arrive at this beach from Via Giulietti (principal street of Sirolo), you have to enter in the Parco della Repubblica, keep the principal avenue on your right and you will cross a small way that go down and you will reach a café, keep going until you will arrive at the sea. The beach is composed by gravel and sand and in some points, there are flat cliffs. During the summer, the beach is animated of tourists that populated restaurants and seaside resorts.

The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero