The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero
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The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero

La Riviera del Conero Excursions by boat

Excursions by boatWhen you arrive at the Riviera del Conero you will have a large choice of incredible activities. One of the most interesting activities that you can do is visit the Riviera del Conero by boat and you will admire the fantastic panorama, the blue sky, the Mediterranean green part, rocks and the old village which is rich of history. Leaving from Numana and going toward the North part you will see that the coast becomes greener and the water cleaner until you will get to Sirolo. Here the beaches are really fascinating and unforgettable. The first beaches that you will meet are the Grotta Urbani, San Michele and Sassi Neri. If you keep going, you will get at the most beautiful beach of the Riviera: The beach of Due Sorelle. You can arrive at this beautiful beach on foot or by boat. From this place starts a series of white beaches, cliffs and pebbles. If you keep going you will arrive at the Portonovo beaches (where you can find examples of the Marche’s art such as Santa Maria di Portonovo, Torre de Basis and the Fortino Napoleonico) and you will admire the green art represented of the Monte Conero and it would be a good idea to have a bath looking the Monte’s water. From Mezzavalle, crossing the Trave’s beach you will get Ancona.

The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero The Riviera del Conero